Day Trip To Northern Cascades

After a long few months of staying home, I was able to get out for a day and head up into the mountains. One of the stops was at the Happy Creek Nature Trail. Don’t let the name fool you. The first part is very easy, with boardwalks and railings.

After the boardwalk the trail leaves the creek for a while and continues a pretty strenuous mile or so until it reconnects with creek and on up to Happy Creek Waterfall.

I loved how the creek has carved out the area under this tree.

Keeping with the waterfall theme for a minute. Earlier in the day I drove up a gravel road up to the Thorton Lakes Trailhead and passed by this lovely waterfall.

No drive through the Cascades Highway is complete without a stop at the Diablo Lake Overlook. The three lakes, Gorge, Diablo and Ross lakes all flow westward to Puget Sound via the Skagit River, but is wasn’t always that way. Right in the area of this photograph the surrounding peaks were connected and the river actually flowed northward into Canada. In the last Ice Age, the Ross Area was covered by a vast glacier and blocked the northern flow of the river creating a lake that finally overflowed and carved out the gorge where the Skagit River now flows.

To give a sense of the size of these mountains here is Colonial Peak as it rises over the southern tip of Diablo Lake from the same overlook.

Sometimes lovely scenes are right off the road, like this field of wildflowers opening in the morning sun.

Stay safe everyone!!